Our Apps

Sykes Cottage Finder

We worked with Sykes to design and develop their Cottage Finder app, which allows you book one of their properties or manage your bookings with them.


Explore and master the world of Fallout 4, one of the best selling games of all time.

Sykes Owners

After working successfully with Sykes on their customer-facing app, we collaborated again in creating this app for their property owners.

Tibetan Dictionary

The Tibetan Dictionary app combines several dictionaries into a single app. Words can be searched for in both english and tibetan, taking advantage of the Tibetan language support built-in to iOS.

Mantra Tracker

Supports buddhist meditation practice, whether tracking Ngondro accumulations or mantra recitations.

Dzongkha Dictionary

Dzongkha Dictionary combines several dictionaries from Bhutan's Dzongkha Development Commission into a single app. You can search for words in dzongkha, english or tibetan, taking advantage of the language support built-in to iOS.

We will be adding more of our projects soon